What are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are the common name for different groups of synthetic chemicals which mimic the effects of amphetamines. Common bath salts names include Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, and Bliss. Bath salts can be smoked or snorted. Agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, and increased blood pressure are all side effects of taking bath salts. This drug is dangerous because, unless you test it, you won’t know what chemicals are actually present in the bath salts.

Bath Salts Detox

Our detox offers holistic treatments for those who are addicted to bath salts. Clients will feel right at home as they relax in a private or semi-private room with attached bathroom. Cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices are all allowed at our center. Doctors and nurses are on-site 24/7 and monitor each client during the detox process. Doctors may prescribe necessary medications to ensure the safety of the client. We employ a chef who is able to personalize each client’s meal plan to meet his or her dietary needs or concerns.

We also offer a full line of exclusive IV vitamins, tablets, and nutritional supplements, to complement each client’s diet. Our detox center is beautiful and very serene. Clients can choose to explore our grounds, or they can relax in their rooms. We have private and semi-private bedrooms with attached bathrooms. At our detox center, we truly understand drug abuse and addiction.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a safe, comfortable detox program that works to meet their individual needs. Many of our staff members have dealt with addiction themselves – and they’re now in recovery. At our detox, you will always have someone you can talk to who understands what you are going through. We offer many holistic treatments for clients in our bath salts detox program.

These treatments include:

Aromatherapy – Essential oils have been used for many years to promote relaxation, boost overall mood, and increase health. We use oils, like lavender, which induce feelings of relaxation.

Meditation – This technique takes practice, but the benefits are worth it! Meditation teaches you to relax and look inside yourself for permanent happiness.

Yoga – Originally from India, the practice of yoga will teach you to remain well-balanced at all times. Plus, yoga is a great exercise, which is integral for recovery.

Massage therapy – We employ only licensed and experienced massage therapy professionals  who are skilled in many different forms of massage. Deep tissue, hot stone, or shiatsu – we have you covered!

Acupuncture – This traditional Chinese medicine uses needles and laser-point to stimulate different parts of the body. This activates the flow of “qi” throughout the body.