What is GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate)?

GHB stands for gamma hydroxybutyrate and it is a designer drug used solely to get high. Effects include euphoria, dizziness, nausea, hallucinations, and vomiting. GHB is odorless and colorless, so it can be easily slipped in someone else’s drink without them noticing. Mixing GHB with alcohol or other depressants can be deadly.

GHB Detox

Clients in our GHB detox program will be able to relax in their private or semi-private room during the detox process, which usually lasts 7-10 days. Nurses and doctors monitor patients during the detox process to ensure all clients are safe and comfortable. Doctors will also be able to prescribe non-addictive medications to combat withdrawal symptoms. Our goal is to make sure all clients are calm and relaxed during their stay with us. We offer customizable meal plans, IV vitamins, and nutritional supplements. We also offer holistic treatments including aromatherapy, meditation and yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy.