What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is an anesthetic used to treat both humans and animals. It’s very powerful and usually causes amnesia. It is typically injected, but it can be evaporated to form a powder. Side effects of taking Ketamine include amnesia, delusions, disassociation, high blood pressure, and impaired motor function.

Ketamine Detox

Clients in our ketamine detox program will be able to relax in comfort at our beautiful treatment center. There is a minimal health risk associated with ketamine detox and the process is much shorter than with other drugs. However, doctors and nurses will still monitor all clients in our ketamine detox program. Doctors will be able to prescribe necessary medications should any withdrawal symptoms arise. Clients will be able to create their own meal plans with our on-site chef. They will also have access to our exclusive line of IV vitamins and nutritional supplements. Clients in the ketamine detox program may participate in our many holistic treatments available during detox. These treatments include acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy. We allow all electronic devices in our center and we offer private and semi-private rooms.