What are Opiates?

Opiates are derived from the opium poppy. They are also called opioids (if they’re synthetic or semi-synthetic) or narcotics. Opiates are used to treat chronic and/or severe pain. Common prescription opiates include OxyContin and Percocet. Opiates are highly addictive because they cause feelings of intense euphoria and relaxation, plus the body will become chemically dependent on these drugs if they’re taken over a long period of time.

Opiate Detox  

Clients in our opiate detox program are required to complete traditional medical detox. Opiate withdrawal symptoms can be very severe, and even life-threatening. At the Drug Detox, clients are monitored around the clock by a team of doctors and nurses. During opiate detox, doctors may prescribe necessary medications to ensure the client is completely safe while easing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. At our center, we truly understand drug addiction and drug dependency. As you use a drug over time, your body will develop a chemical dependency on the drug. If you (and your doctor) decide it’s time for you to quit taking an opiate medication, then detox is the right option for you. We offer beautifully-appointed private and semi-private bedrooms with attached bathrooms.

We also allow cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices at our center. Smoking is allowed, however you can only smoke outside or on the patio. We employ a talented chef who is able to customize the client’s meal plan to fit his or her specific needs and concerns. We offer a full line of exclusive IV vitamins, tablets, and nutritional supplements. These dietary supplements will complement each client’s meal plan so they get the most out of their meals. Although clients in the opiate detox program are required to complete traditional medical detox, they are also able to participate in the many holistic treatments that we offer.

These services include:

Acupuncture – This traditional medicine is from China and uses needles or laser-point to excite different parts of the body. This will arouse the flow of “qi” throughout meridians in the body.

Yoga – Traditionally from ancient India, the practice of yoga helps you to look inside yourself for happiness and peace. Plus, yoga is a great exercise!

Massage therapy – We employ only licensed and experienced massage therapy professionals who are skilled in multiple forms of massage therapy technique.

Meditation – This practice is beneficial, especially for those in recovery! Meditation teaches you to maintain a state of permanent peace and to refocus your mind.

Aromatherapy – We use essential oils which may boost mood, improve overall health, and promote cognitive functioning. Essential oils, like lavender, can promote feelings of relaxation.