What is PCP?

PCP (phencyclidine) was developed in the 1950s as a surgical anesthetic given its dissociative properties. It makes the user feel sedated and like they’re in a trance. The practice of using PCP in medicine was discontinued in 1965 because many patients became agitated and delusional after their surgery where PCP was used as anesthesia. PCP is now used illicitly and it can be snorted, smoked, injected, or swallowed. In addition to feeling sedated, users of PCP may also experience intense sweating, shallow breathing, and poor coordination. Taking a large dose of PCP can cause coma, seizures, and death. Some people may take PCP and become extremely irrational, confused, and paranoid.

PCP Detox Program

PCP detox has a minimal health risk, so clients in our PCP detox program are not required to complete traditional medical detox. However, our team of doctors and nurses will monitor all clients 24/7 to ensure they are safe, happy, and healthy during the entire detox process. Detox typically lasts 7 to 10 days, but it may last longer depending on how long and how frequently PCP was abused. Some PCP withdrawal symptoms may be unpleasant, but doctors will prescribe necessary medication to help ease these withdrawal symptoms. Clients in the PCP detox program are able to relax and kick-back in their beautiful private or semi-private bedrooms. We allow cell phones, laptops, iPods, and other electronic devices on our premises. Our center employs a chef who is able to personalize each client’s meal plan, based on their dietary needs or concerns. We offer an exclusive line of IV vitamins, tablets, and nutritional supplements, which complements each client’s customized meal plan. We truly understand drug abuse and addiction. Many of our counselors and therapists have walked in your shoes. There will always be someone there for clients to talk to about their feelings towards detox. We also offer many different holistic treatments for those who wish to try an alternative treatment approach.

These treatments include:

  • Aromatherapy – We use essential oils, like lavender, which promote relaxation, improve mood, and boost cognitive thinking.
  • Meditation – This practice helps each client to refocus on their ultimate goals while inducing mental clarity. Meditation is a wonderful tool for those in recovery because it’s easy to try and the benefits are tangible.
  • Acupuncture – This traditional Chinese medicine uses needles to stimulate different parts of the body. We use both needles and laser-point at our detox center.
  • Yoga – Originally from ancient India, Yoga helps our clients to feel balanced and to feel an overall sense of well-being. Give it a try!
  • Massage therapy – We employ licensed massage therapists who are skilled in many different massage therapy techniques.